Reverse Mortgage


A reverse mortgage has become a helpful and viable option for many senior citizen homeowners. The proven benefits to seniors include the following:

  • You can enjoy your retirement to its fullest potential.
  • The financial arrangements will provide a peace of mind and financial freedom for recreation and leisure.
  • You will be able to augment your existing retirement income.
  • You will have access to tax-free cash.
  • There are built-in safeguards to protect you.
  • The interest rate on a reverse mortgage is capped.
  • You will be able to know all of the costs involved up front.
  • It is generally easy to qualify.

Let us answer a couple of common objections to reverse mortgages:

  • You are NOT giving your house to the bank.
  • You can NOT get kicked out of your house as long as you keep your house insured and your property taxes current.
  • The loans are generally NOT expensive.
  • You CAN still leave your house to your children or your estate.
  • You are NOT stealing from your children’s inheritance.

For more information on how a reverse mortgage may benefit you, contact one of our offices in Sacramento, Roseville, or one of our other northern California locations.

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