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Does it pay to be a Realtor? A look at real estate agent income based on seniority.

Realtors make big money, driving around in fancy cars, cashing six-figure checks and taking money baths every night. Realtors struggle and scrape just to get by, earning a modest average income per hour, and many of them have to work second jobs or leave the business because they don’t make enough. Which one is the […]

How much do real estate agents really make in California? Let’s find out!

How much do real estate agents make in California, or elsewhere? If you’re a homeowner who just sold a home, you may be trying to calculate the answer to that exact question. Or, maybe you’re a new Realtor just getting in the business and trying to pen out what to expect your first year. Either […]

What Realtors NEED to know about advertising rules and regulations.

As a Realtor, half of your day is probably consumed with tasks related to your service, such as showing homes, writing offers, checking on the progress of escrows, and making sure the For Sale sign has gone up in the front yard. However, the other half of any Realtor’s day is most likely taken up […]

Understanding the important difference between REALTORS and Real Estate Agents

If you’ve bought or sold a home recently, you’ve probably encountered two terms that may be a little confusing. From news to ads to social media, we hear the labels “real estate agent” and “Realtor” used so often that you may think they’re interchangeable. But, in fact, a real estate agent and a REALTOR are […]

These two changes will make it easier to get a mortgage loan the second half of 2017

There are two major changes coming to the lending landscape that will make it easier for a significant number of borrowers to buy a home or refinance in the second half of 2017 and beyond. While these changes won’t result in an opening of the mortgage loan floodgates like we saw in the loose and […]

Online marketing statistics, tips and strategies for Realtors in 2017.

Hey, Realtors – how was your 2016? Hopefully, you sold more homes than ever before and had a hugely profitable campaign last year. If that’s the case, you probably utilized online marketing, including social media, to reach and engage clients. But if you didn’t have the best sales year of your life– or just want […]