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Still the best reason to buy a home: California’s rent crunch.

If you read the headlines these days, you may get the sense that the entire concept of homeownership is under siege. It’s hard not to come to that conclusion after we read about rising home prices, potential bubbles on the horizon, increasing interest rates, and more. With all of this going on, why should we […]

5 Creative ways to come up with a down payment and buy a home

Is a lack of down payment holding some people back from buying a home? That seems to be true, as coming up with the down payment is the #1 reported obstacle to homeownership according to various surveys, especially with Millennials and younger buyers. (We covered the current state of down payments in real estate in […]

100 Videos Realtors can shoot that homebuyers and sellers will love!

Real estate agents do a whole lot of marketing, but there is no better use of their time and resources than producing short and simple videos. We’ve covered the research behind this before, but here’s a compelling summary: 85% of home buyers and sellers admit that they want to work with a real estate agent […]

9 Reasons why real estate RULES!

The economy ebbs and flows, markets change, and home prices go up – and eventually come back down to earth a bit. Those are some of the certainties we’re faced with in our financial lives. But through it all, home ownership is still THE best investment you’ll make in your lifetime. In fact, 94% of millionaires say that […]

10 Reasons why real estate is always as solid as a rock

Why do 94% of millionaires attribute real estate ownership as a significant part of how they obtained and held their wealth? It’s probably because real estate ownership is always solid as a rock. In fact, the average homeowner’s net worth is 34 times that of a renter, and 77% of homeowners say owning real estate […]

The Mortgage Interest Deduction provides tax relief for millions of homeowners.

Every April as Americans file their personal income tax returns, they breathe a collective sigh of relief when they get to the section where they can deduct the interest they paid on their mortgage. In fact, the Mortgage Interest Deduction – or MID – is one of the biggest federal government distributions, only behind the […]