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15 Charming, Interesting, and Bizarre Housewarming Traditions

Did you move into a new house recently and your neighbors, friends, and family brought you some food or other token of their congratulations? What about if they showed up with a gift of firewood, pineapples, or frogs? Believe it or not, those have all been housewarming traditions in the past, as the practice has […]

7 Ways to prepare to before buying a house

Are you thinking about buying a home? Whether it’s your first time, you’re targeting your dream home, or downsizing for retirement, purchasing a home can be a fast-moving and overwhelming process. However, it’s one that’s critical you get right, with hundreds of thousands of dollars (and your daily living conditions!) on the line. The good […]

Trended Credit Data set to impact those applying for a mortgage. But will it help or hurt consumers?

There is a profound change to credit reporting taking place, and it could effect how people qualify for a mortgage. Starting September 2016, Desktop Underwriter Version 10 (DU) will roll out, an automated underwriting system lenders will use to gauge the risk versus “lendability” of consumers applying for a mortgage. The big change with this […]

25 Facts about home ownership in the U.S. that show why mortgage education is vital

We’re nearly half a decade removed from the dark days of the real estate crash, mortgage meltdown, and Great Recession in the U.S., and yet we still have a shadow that’s cast over the national housing landscape. In fact, home ownership is at an alarmingly low level, despite low interest rates, strong job numbers, and […]