Does staging sell? A home staging fact sheet for Realtors and Homeowners.

When it comes time to put a For Sale in your front yard and sell your home, every homeowner wants the same thing: the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. That much is universal. But from there, home sellers may diverge in their opinions of how to best reach that goal, as […]

Property Taxes: the good, the bad, and the expensive

Ask any homeowner, and “property taxes” are two of the most hated words in the English language. But taxing citizens based on their home values is also essential since states and even municipalities use the money to pave roads, build schools, hire teachers, police, and firefighters, and fund just about every other project. In fact, […]

Don’t fear the Fed – Here are 10 ways a rate increase is actually positive news

This week, the Federal Reserve is in the news with a shakeup that may usurp current Chairwoman Janet Yellen as agency head. But that’s not the only headline about the Federal Reserve, the central bank in the U.S. that dictates so much about the ebb and flow about our economy, as rate increases are once […]

Answering your top-10 Googled questions about mortgages (part 1)

These days, most consumers go online to the search engines as they start the process of purchasing a good or service, and applying for a home loan is no different. In fact, each month, about 4 million U.S. homeowners and loan shoppers go to Google for answers to their top mortgage questions. While Google isn’t […]

Historically low interest rates? We go all the way back to the start of civilization to find out

You’ll often hear the term “Historically-low interest rates” tossed around in news reports, real estate advertisements, and yes, even mortgage blogs. But the supposed historical data on mortgage interest rates usually doesn’t go back any further than the early 1970s, and sometimes only to the 1990s. How is that ‘historical?’ So we decided to buck […]

The things that Americans spend (and waste) money on (Part 2)

Most of us spend a jaw-dropping amount of money every year on things that we don’t need – or even really want. So we’ve put this list together of what Americans spend on everyday goods and services – and how much cash we’re flushing down the drain. In part one of this blog, we covered […]

Rising premiums, record claims, and sinkholes; highlights from the homeowner’s insurance industry

Insurance is one thing most of us have, yet we rarely think about – until we really need it. Homeowners have a lot on the line if their home floods, a break-in occurs, or someone slips and falls on their property, so insurance is something we should take seriously. Here are some highlights of the […]

New Dirt – A profile on the biggest new homebuilders in America

Home buyers have a lot of choose from, but one great option we don’t talk about enough is buying a newly constructed home. While Sacramento lags behind the rest of the country in new home construction, there still are some great new projects breaking ground. So we decided to bring you a brief profile on […]

How long should you keep mortgage and real estate paperwork or other financial documents?

If you’re like most people, you somehow accumulate a small mountain of paperwork through major purchases, financial moves, and investments. However, no one wants to toss out a crucial document, only to really need it later on for a tax audit or other reason.  So which documents are safe to toss and when? First off, […]

WELLS FARCE: Wells Fargo is reeling from their fake account scandal

The final quarterly reports for 2016 are in, and the news does not bode well for banking giant Wells Fargo, embroiled in a fake-account scandal that defrauded hundreds of thousands of customers. In fact, the San Francisco-based national bank has admitted that for years, its employees had been creating fake checking accounts and opening unauthorized […]