5 Creative ways to come up with a down payment and buy a home

Is a lack of down payment holding some people back from buying a home? That seems to be true, as coming up with the down payment is the #1 reported obstacle to homeownership according to various surveys, especially with Millennials and younger buyers. (We covered the current state of down payments in real estate in […]

2008: Reliving the dark days, ten years after the real estate and mortgage collapse.

It’s 2018. I don’t expect that to come as some sort of revelation to you, as you’ve been writing that on your checks since January 1 of this year (or a few weeks after that, if you’re like me!). But the fact that it’s 2018 is relevant if we consider that it’s been exactly ten […]

Realtors – have you set up your Google My Business listing yet?

Take a look at the number of homes sold last year in your local market, and then take a gander at the count of Realtors who are working there. If you haven’t noticed already, you have a whole lot of competition when it comes to home buying and selling clients, and there IS NOT enough […]

100 Videos Realtors can shoot that homebuyers and sellers will love!

Real estate agents do a whole lot of marketing, but there is no better use of their time and resources than producing short and simple videos. We’ve covered the research behind this before, but here’s a compelling summary: 85% of home buyers and sellers admit that they want to work with a real estate agent […]

What Realtors NEED to know about advertising rules and regulations.

As a Realtor, half of your day is probably consumed with tasks related to your service, such as showing homes, writing offers, checking on the progress of escrows, and making sure the For Sale sign has gone up in the front yard. However, the other half of any Realtor’s day is most likely taken up […]

Ready to make money while you sleep? 20 Quick tips for buying your first rental property.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die.” Those are the prophetic words of billionaire Warren Buffet, who is often celebrated for his practical, low-risk vision of investing. The Oracle of Omaha is also a huge proponent of owning real estate – particularly […]

5 Realtor safety tips.

The life of a real estate agent is always busy, often hectic, but imminently rewarding, too. However, it can be more than a little dangerous at times, as we learned recently when a San Francisco Realtor was robbed at gunpoint while she hosted an open house. I’m sure that there are other incidents all the […]

10 Ways to keep your financial data safe.

I’ve seen it before – a consumer who wants to get a mortgage loan to purchase a house or even refinance sits down with me to get started, but once we pull their credit, a look of shock hits their face; they’ve been the victim of financial fraud or identity theft. In fact, these are […]

9 Reasons why real estate RULES!

The economy ebbs and flows, markets change, and home prices go up – and eventually come back down to earth a bit. Those are some of the certainties we’re faced with in our financial lives. But through it all, home ownership is still THE best investment you’ll make in your lifetime. In fact, 94% of millionaires say that […]

Search-click-buy. Inside the consumer behavior of home buyers.

Are you the best real estate agent in the world? I bet you are, but if no one else knows about it, you’re still not going to have much business. In fact, marketing is a critical part of any Realtor’s job description, and yet one that is sometimes conducted in an unfocused and haphazard fashion. […]