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Understand APR; your mortgage’s Annual Percentage Rate

When you’re in the process of applying for a mortgage loan, perhaps to buy your first house, there are a lot of terms thrown around. You might hear vernacular like “closing costs,” “Yield Spread Premiums,” and “Debt-to-Income Ratio” for the first time. There are even plentiful acronyms, like FHA, PMI, and one we’ll talk about […]

Are you a mortgage expert…or a novice? Take our home loan quiz and find out!

Have you owned a home for a long time? Have you taken out several mortgage loans in your lifetime, and even refinanced once or twice? Do you make a mortgage payment every month now? While that may describe the typical American family, there is still a general lack of knowledge when it comes to home […]

Everything you need to know about the LIBOR (including if your mortgage payment will rise because of it!)

Have you heard of the “LIBOR?” If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage loan or have credit card debt, this is something you should be aware of – and may affect your monthly payments! Today, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the LIBOR rate and how it may affect you. What does LIBOR […]

The current state of Realtor marketing – stats and facts to help you make it a great 2018!

According to recent data, there are 2 million real estate licenses issued throughout the United States. Of course, not all of those licensees may be actively selling real estate, but no matter how you slice it, that’s a lot of home sales professional – In fact, there were roughly 5.5 million residential home sales in […]