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The 10 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Getting a mortgage loan is simpler than ever these days, with near record-low interest rates and banks and lenders opening up their pipelines again after recovering from the last real estate crash. But with rising prices, a higher cost of living, and economic changes on the horizon, it’s also more important than ever to “get […]

These two changes will make it easier to get a mortgage loan the second half of 2017

There are two major changes coming to the lending landscape that will make it easier for a significant number of borrowers to buy a home or refinance in the second half of 2017 and beyond. While these changes won’t result in an opening of the mortgage loan floodgates like we saw in the loose and […]

Inside the mind of a mortgage underwriter

When it comes to getting your mortgage loan approved, think of the bank or lender’s underwriter as the key gatekeeper. Charged with the task of reviewing the entire file of documents from the loan process real estate transaction, underwriters basically vet borrowers, making sure they meet all mandated guidelines and criteria and clearing the way […]

Historically low interest rates? We go all the way back to the start of civilization to find out

You’ll often hear the term “Historically-low interest rates” tossed around in news reports, real estate advertisements, and yes, even mortgage blogs. But the supposed historical data on mortgage interest rates usually doesn’t go back any further than the early 1970s, and sometimes only to the 1990s. How is that ‘historical?’ So we decided to buck […]