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What’s the formula for getting the lowest possible interest rate on your mortgage?

Every borrower, every mortgage, and every approval are different, but there are some universal factors that result in the best possible interest rates. Here is the formula for getting a great low-rate mortgage no matter who you are: # Credit Score Your credit score may not be all you need to get the best interest […]

20 Ways homebuyers can get their purchase offers accepted in this seller’s market

There is no doubt that many areas of the country are in a seller’s market, with some regions like Sacramento, California suffering significant housing shortages that are contributing to price hikes. Too often, homebuyers are facing stiff competition when they make purchase offers, even if they are well qualified, only to be outbid by droves […]

25 Facts about The National Association of REALTORS, including its golden Code of Ethics

If you’re a Realtor, make a living any way related to the housing industry, then you’ll surely know about The National Association of Realtors. But for those who aren’t aware, it’s a trade association for U.S. and North American real estate agents and others working in the real estate industry. The official name is The […]

Everything you wanted to know about The Big 4 real estate companies: Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, and RE/MAX

When it comes to buying or selling a home, there is no one perfect company, as each individual home buyer or seller has different needs, concerns, and personalities. Additionally, it’s usually the agent – not their company – that’s doing the lion share of work and delivering great service to consumers. However, the real estate […]

Do open houses really help sell homes?

Do open houses really help sell homes? The short answer is “probably not” if we only gather opinion and anecdotal experience of home buyers and even Realtors. The prevailing belief among real estate agents is that open houses only sell about 1% of listings. However, they’re great as lead generation tools, especially for young or […]