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Rising premiums, record claims, and sinkholes; highlights from the homeowner’s insurance industry

Insurance is one thing most of us have, yet we rarely think about – until we really need it. Homeowners have a lot on the line if their home floods, a break-in occurs, or someone slips and falls on their property, so insurance is something we should take seriously. Here are some highlights of the […]

15 Fun mortgage and real estate facts!

  1. The lowest mortgage rates in US history occurred in November 2012, when the average 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate was only 3.31%. At that same time, rates for 15-year fixed loans fell below the 3% mark. 2. What about the highest mortgage rates in US history? In the history of our modern rate […]
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New Dirt – A profile on the biggest new homebuilders in America

Home buyers have a lot of choose from, but one great option we don’t talk about enough is buying a newly constructed home. While Sacramento lags behind the rest of the country in new home construction, there still are some great new projects breaking ground. So we decided to bring you a brief profile on […]

How long should you keep mortgage and real estate paperwork or other financial documents?

If you’re like most people, you somehow accumulate a small mountain of paperwork through major purchases, financial moves, and investments. However, no one wants to toss out a crucial document, only to really need it later on for a tax audit or other reason.  So which documents are safe to toss and when? First off, […]