Monthly Archives: August 2016


Why a pre-approval is essential for smart homebuyers.

  “Don’t worry – I’m totally pre-approved!” is something Realtors hear all the time. But then when it comes down to writing an offer on the home of their dreams, they’re exposed when the financing portion of their paperwork comes up. In reality, they may only be pre-qualified, not pre-approved, or maybe they only spoke […]

Trended Credit Data set to impact those applying for a mortgage. But will it help or hurt consumers?

There is a profound change to credit reporting taking place, and it could effect how people qualify for a mortgage. Starting September 2016, Desktop Underwriter Version 10 (DU) will roll out, an automated underwriting system lenders will use to gauge the risk versus “lendability” of consumers applying for a mortgage. The big change with this […]

The 17 biggest mistakes that Realtors make (part 2)

In the part one of this blog, we covered the first eight mistakes that drive Realtors out of business, including the fear of “no”, choosing the wrong broker, and not creating systems, among others. In this blog, we’ll cover the next nine mistakes that can send you out of business as a Realtor. If you […]

A timeline of the mortgage history in the U.S.

Most homeowners have a mortgage, but few every wonder where they came from. In fact, this lending product that allows someone to buy a home while putting down only a small percentage of the purchase price has been around for a really long time! The word ‘mortgage’ itself brings us back through history. The etimology […]