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25 Hilarious memes that will make any Realtor chuckle!

There’s no doubt that the Realtors we know work extremely hard, juggling stressful timelines, outrageous client expectations, nosy neighbors, and emotional outbursts from homeowners – all the while keeping their cool and negotiating a fair deal for everyone. And real estate agents do it with a smile, always professional and compassionate. But in private during rare […]

Why Debt-to-Income Ratio is the cornerstone of any mortgage loan approval

When you’re applying for a mortgage loan to buy a house or refinance, lenders look at many important factors, including a borrower’s credit score, the amount of money they’re putting down, and how much money they have in the bank. But there is no determining factor more important than a borrower’s Debt-to-Income Ratio, or DTI […]

10 Ways Realtors are as American as mom, baseball and apple pie!

When you think of America, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s appreciation that we live in the land of opportunity, or the many freedoms we enjoy, or perhaps it’s something more patriotic like Independence on the 4th of July and our stars and stripes? For many people, the best way we can describe the essence of […]

Answering Your Top 8 Questions About Escrow

If you’re refinancing your mortgage or buying or selling a home, there are a lot of dedicated professionals working on your behalf. But perhaps none is more important than your escrow company, which has an invaluable role in protecting all parties and making sure the deal progresses and then closes as it should. Here are […]

7 Reasons you should refinance into a 15-year mortgage loan

Do you have a 30-year mortgage loan on your home? If so, you might be missing out on the huge savings a 15-year loan could offer. Since rates hit record lows in 2012, more people than ever are opting to use a 15-year loan to become mortgage free in half the time at a significantly […]